Wednesday, October 13, 2010

There's a Reason Why

As those of you who have hiked with Dad , especially in the "early years," will remember that in the back country you would have to string your food bags up on a bear wire. This was supposed to keep you and your food safe from the local bears. Then more recently, portable bear containers were recommended because it kept the smell of the food incased and bear buckets are nearly impossible for a bear to get into.

The following pictures, were sent to us by e-mail by Dad's old boss, Sherry. Now we all understand why the back country rangers no longer suggest we use a bear wire for food....

That bear is up, up, up in a tree...and wants the seeds in the bird feeder. It looks like he is on a hill, but it is Sherry's back yard which is steep.
This is not a bear cub...

Come to papa...

Bear wire or bear on a wire?! Enjoy kiddos! Stay safe!

XOXOX mamala and pa


  1. oh my gosh..that is cute but scary..we have 5 deer in our neighborhood right now..and 4 baby racoons and a mama..they are coming out of the woodwork.;)have a wonderful thursday sister.:)

  2. So, bear wires alone obviously don't work. Neither do bird houses, apparently! Remind me that climbing a tree to get away from a determined bear simply won't work. I've never seen anything like that. wow!