Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Family Night Again!

Sometimes, Grampa takes Grammy hiking on trails in the mountains.

The trails are well marked usually, but sometimes we will come to a place where there are several trails coming together, like the branches on a tree. Which trail is the one we should choose to get to where we are going? Often Grammy will chose which trail she thinks is the right one and then ask Grandpa if she is right. He either tells Grammy that she is right or directs her to the correct trail to choose.

Grammy likes to look ahead and see where the trail will take her. Sometimes the trail is hard or steep and Grammy cannot see where the trail is going; she gets worried that maybe she is lost or not going the right way. Grandpa will stop and show Grammy how to find the trail even though it is only wide enough for two feet to travel on it. Grampa always knows where it is!

Once, Grammy and Grampa stopped for a short hike by a lake. It was a very foggy day, but Grammy didn't worry because the lake wasn't very far away. However, after just a few steps, Grammy could not see the lake and Grammy could not see the car either!

As they walked, Grammy would see dark shapes in the fog and all the around the outside sounds were quiet.

It was a little bit spooky, but Grammy was never lost or worried; she had Grampa with her! Grampa helped Grammy know which trail to choose and they walked together all the way around the lake and returned safely to their nice warm car.

Grammy never chooses a trail without Grampa!

Heavenly Father created a plan where we would leave our heavenly home and come to earth. Here we would learn to use our new bodies and learn to make good choices.

Everyday we get to make choices.

How do you know if a choice is a good choice or a bad choice?
Is there someone you can ask?
How do you feel when you make a good choice?
How do you feel when you make a bad choice?
Which feeling do you like better?

When you turn eight years old you will be baptized. Soon after, you will be given a very special gift. This isn't a gift that you put in the drawer or one that you hide in the closet until you need it. This is a gift that you can use everyday! This gift is a friend that will help you to always know which path, or which choices you should make. This friend is called the Holy Ghost. Although you cannot see him and he is very quiet, he can be your best helper when you have choices to make!

Practice now making as many good choices as you can so you will be ready when you are eight years old to have the Holy Ghost be your everyday friend!

Look up this scripture and see what it says about the Holy Ghost: 2 Nephi 32:5

Love you all! Be good and make good choices and be happy!

Love Mamala and Pa


  1. love the photos and thanks for the family night lesson...remember wednesday for icecream at 7pm...;)

  2. Thanks mom! I miss having FHE with my real family.

  3. Sweet. I'm using this next week for FHE.

    And I'm keeping the fog pictures. So pretty!