Sunday, October 10, 2010

Four Windows and a Wedding

To begin, many thanks to Heather for spiffing up my blog! Wow! I like it!

Each weekend, I think of what we are doing in terms of this blog. Is there anything that I can blog about? First I thought that I would start with showing you what I have been sewing...then thought better since some of them are gifts; but some things I have completed recently can be shown. So here are some of mom's creative moments (there are others, but I have not yet taken pictures of them):

This is the old green chair on the front porch; now it is blue with some sea glass glued on the top rail. Eventually, I think I will cover it in rock -- a winter project since I have much too much to work on currently...

Then I bought some fabric to spruce up the old couches with pillows. It helps to make the old things more comfortable...

This closet used to be stuffed with everything that I had available for crafts and such, as well as my bed linens and towels. Since I have a craft room currently, I thought that I would move the crafty things down. This a shot of the closet about half way through the I said, there was a lot of stuff in there!

When emptied, I used some orange paint left over from another project, and then I painted the shelves (they are original to the house) with some simple dot flowers and leaves to make it interesting;

This is it. Not Martha-style but at least it has just towels and sheet sets and TP and such. It is nice to be able to get something out without...manuevering around!

During the week, Dad found some wooden blinds at Home Depot on close-out, so now the front four windows have nice wooden blinds on them...probably should have taken the shot with the windows open...but you get the idea. Dad finished putting them all up this weekend.

We were invited to K'aui Lani Fontes and Aaron Lawrence's wedding at the Suquamish Tibal Center. The main support columns all have carvings on them, similar to this one. The following pictures will give you an idea of the inside of the place...very nice.

This shot is back lit and hard to see...on most of one side, the walls open up to the sea. They had one section opened for the backdrop of the wedding. This is where they took their vows. The view was nice.

Here are Kaui's folks, Silas and Patty when the wedding party is coming in. The hall was full with tables for eating afterwards...remember, Silas is Hawaiian and he loves to feed people!

My camera didn't care for the low light, but here is one of the twins (K'uipo I think) with her escort. The guys are dressed Hawaiian style, so those are seed lei's.

K'ala was there and looked good too. He was sporting an Erroll Flynn mustache. He didn't know who Erroll Flynn was, so I said a movie star...he decided that meant it looked good.

The wedding vows...back lit so not great...

The wedding dinner, Aaron on the left, LeHalia (Patty's daughter...) K'aui on the right...

Peggy and Patty with K'aui and Aaron's daughter Tatiana (baby number 2 due in April)... there were two flower girls and Tatiana would pick up what LeHalia put down; it was cute.

After the dinner there was some Hawaiian entertainment from some of Silas's family. K'aui danced a solo and people dropped money for her (a variation on the couple's dance). Then the tribal singers did a couple of songs. I wish I knew more about their music and what it meant...

If the videos will is of the Suquamish people singing for the couple and the other is of Patty and the girls Hula dancing.

Lots of food and people. It was a cool multi-cultural affair(Hawaiian and Suquamish Tribe). The family did themselves proud.

Hope you enjoyed your activities this weekend!

XOXO Mom and Dad


  1. loved seeing what you are up too..cute photo of you 3 gals...missed you at church your spiffy new look to your blog.;)

  2. Wow! Talk about instant gratification. You told me about the wedding this morning and BOOM! there's pictures. Awesome!!

    What a fun event. I haven't seen Patty in years and years. Glad you took a picture together.

    For serious though, if you don't LOVE the blog, feel free to change it or tell me and I'll change it. Won't hurt my feelings. I was just in the mood to play today.

    Also, I love the chair and the shelves. You are so creative, mom!

  3. Mom you should have taken a picture of your new craft room. I think Heather would have loved to see how that turned out.

    Love the pictures from the wedding. Thank you for putting them up so quickly for me.
    love ya!