Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bratt Visit Part 2: Freedom Fest 2010

For the last several years we have had a family camp out at Grayland Beach State Park, near Westport, WA. This year the annual trip fell over the Fourth of July weekend. Heather planned her visit specifically so she could be out here and go with us. In attendance were, Marc and Jesica, Heather, Eliza, Liam and Afton, and us old folks. Tim and Sarah and Katie and Connor and Cadyn could not make it this year. We missed them, but we made the most of it even though the family was incomplete!

Grandpa and Grammy and Heather and kids drove out in KATIE'S van on Friday morning and set up camp. (Marc and Jes came out after work.) First thing after that we had to take a walk out on the beach. You can drive on this beach so you may see tire tracks and cars in the rest of the photos. Here is a shot of some of the gang on the beach. The wind turbines in the background are a new addition, the power rebate goes to a local charity. What a good idea!

Every time the light got just right, this is how you would find Heather. She is becoming a great photojournalist! Check out her blog to see her shots, when she gets the chance to post! She has photos of our visit to Westport and its craft fair and the boats in the harbor.

This is where you would find Afton every morning. We have a baby seat that attaches to the side of the picnic table so she was right in the mix. She would sit there and visit and eat and watch Grandpa cook.

Sadness of all sadness, my camera stopped working while we were out there. This is the best that it would do! Heather was kind enough to share some of her photos with me for the rest of my blog. I have gone to Walmart to return the camera and so, never fear, I do have a camera again!

Here's a shot of Heather in the hat I pestered her to buy on one of our shopping trips. Looks good on her! I wish I looked so good in a hat.

Liam and Eliza playing in the sandcastle that Uncle Marc made for them. Notice that they are playing in their undies, perfectly comfortable. Contrast that with....

Marc and Jes bundled up. The difference was that they were out in the wind and the kids were behind the dune. That's Grayland for ya; windy! Great for kite flying! Marc drove our lunch out onto the beach so we wouldn't have to carry it. Evidently he parked too close to the dunes and a cop made him move it a 100 yards. So sad, the suburban made a nice wind break!

I love this shot of the kids on the bench on top of the dune looking out at the sea.

Liam in the sea grass back in the dunes. I can just hear his imagination going, hunting for treasure or tigers or Buzz Lightyear.

Grandpa and Liam heading out for another stroll on the beach to look at the crabs and seaweed and shells and the occasional washed up toy.

So I mentioned that we were out there on the beach for the fourth of July. Fireworks are not allowed in the park, so I brought glow sticks and such for the kids to have their own fireworks. We were eating the traditional last night camping dinner of hash, peas and new potatoes when Mom decided to go take a look over the dunes to determine who was setting off the fireworks. The booms had been going off for about 30-45 minutes.

Down on the non- State Park part of the beach, people had been lining up and parking on the beach all day. Miles and miles of them; building bonfires and such. It was a cold windy day and we all just thought that it was a good way to spend the fourth. When mom looked down the beach this is what she saw. Those booms were BIG fireworks that the local people had purchased and taken down to the beach. Evidently it is a local tradition!

We watched for a while from a distance and then the kids all climbed in the suburban and drove out on the beach for MILES right under the fireworks. I am told it was amazing. The display went at least two hours! Marc pulled a couple of cars out of the soft sand. The cops shut down the beach at midnight and the next day they have a clean-up-the-beach tradition. What a mess!

When everyone got back we sat around the fire and made s'mores. It was a really fun night.

Next day we packed up camp then put on the traditional photo op apparel and Heather set up her camera. Here's the one of Marc and Jes...

Heather and her crew...

Grammy and Granpa with Eliza, Afton and Liam (hey no make-up, be nice, we're camping here!)

And the whole gang! Isn't that a great shot of a bunch of people who have been camping for 3 days (some of us without a shower!) We thought of those that couldn't be with us this year and missed you a lot. Hopefully, we can all get together next year!

Love Dad and Mamala



  1. I love the photos..and Peg you look great in a makeup and all..and love Heathers hat the last photo and the one of the kids on the bench...:)

  2. Loved all the pictures! Take care