Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bratt Visit Part 3: The Kitchen Sink

After all of the planned activities of the visit, there were the happy moments that just happen along the way. No particular order, just some fun moments that we want to remember during the long months that we won't be near enough to squeeze the loving out of everyone in the Bratt family!!!

Sweet Afton who is sooo easy to please. Just give her a push on the swings. She was freezing by this point in our visit to the park, but she wanted more!

One morning I woke up and decided that we were going to spend the day on Indianola Beach. It was a beautiful day. So we went! We all got sunburned, that sneaky, hazing kind of day gets me every time.

Afton investigated the sand in her own unique way. Her diapers were a bit...grainy...for the next few days...

Liam climbed the rock walls and looked for pirates...

Eliza hid treasures of shells and feathers up in the rock wall for safe keeping...

Liam took a swim in the warm water that collected in the low spots. The wind was blowing so he got cold and spent the rest of the time in Grammy sweatshirt.

Heather and Afton checking out the wonders of the beach...

Such a good mommy; taking the time to show the kiddos all about the seastars. They even touched them!

Geoduck hunt was on!

One of our favorite parts of having the grandkids around is all of the help they give us.

while granpa was working on getting the lawn mower going, Liam worked on his lawn mower too with the tools.

Eliza wanted to learn to knit, and she did a very good job too! There will be a surprise under someone's Christmas tree from Eliza!

We have a ton of pine cones dropped on our lawn. We paid the kids 1 penny for everyone they picked up. Afton is head inspector. Eliza picked up $5.00 worth! Liam did pretty well too...enough to earn some trips to Indianola store for goodies. My yard has never been so pine cone free!

And everytime I unloaded the dishwasher sweet Afton was there to help! We miss you! Come again soon!

Love Mamala and Dad



  1. oh those photos are the one with you holding a dirty faced Afton, that geoduck spittin at Liam..and of course who can resist a bare butt..I just want to goose it..:) thanks for your wonderful comments as always..we need to get together for our let me know what works for you.;) I am open..I miss you:)

  2. It looks like you had such a fun time with your grandkids! I can't believe how grown up they all are now. The geoduck picture is a fun one! I can't wait till James gets to experience them (in only 2 weeks)! Miss you guys!