Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Very Bratty Visit Part 1

After much anticipation, Heather, Eliza, Liam and Afton came home for a visit and an escape from the triple digit weather in Colorado! Yeah! We met them at the airport and we all piled into Katie's van for the trip home. While getting reacquainted, Eliza and Liam sang me the chorus to a song that made me laugh. See if you too can sing along... it is at the bottom because it is taking forever to load and I want to move on!

I had another week of work so during the days Heather and the kids would take the car and go do things like shop and stuff. Heather has been very retail deprived in Lamar! In the evenings we would play and hang out. Here is Tim out in the back with all of the kids. You can't see it very well, but he and Marc completely rebuilt the play tower and put a roof on it (at the end of the swing). The kids really enjoyed it. There are several popsicle marks in there to show where they liked to hang out!

On Monday evening we decided to have a picnic at Salsbury State Park up near the Hood Canal Bridge. You will have to view Heather's blog for cute pictures there...I didn't really take any...except this one of the sign at the park. It made me laugh. Best one I have seen yet!

Afton was very near walking when the Bratts got here. So Jesica and Heather worked on her skills in the evenings. The little leg warmers are so cute too!

There were these little flat discs that Afton thought were cool and she would try to walk between the girls to get them. Here she is getting ready to go with Jesica.

Here is Afton in mid walk. Eliza took this picture with my camera. Nice action shot girl!

Bath time after a tough work out! That green glow is from our new sky light tube! Never have to turn the light on in the bathroom!

I know this is a short blog this time. I have to run and do things to finish a project for Katie, the Ward Pioneer day celebration and Katie's homecoming in 3 days...(yeah!) and girl's camp the following week! Phew. I love summer "vacations"! Next blog will be Part Two: Freedom Fest!

Love Mamala XOXOXO


  1. cute you are one busy chick these days..I miss you!!! Take care.;)

  2. Thank you for acknowledging the fact that the van is mine. =D still jealous that i wasn't there to play.