Monday, May 30, 2011

To the Beach, Beach, Beach!

Happy Memorial Day Everyone! Since May is about over, it is time for me to catch up on the blog! A couple of weekends ago, Tim and I needed a weekend away! So we were off to Kalaloch to visit the beach! It was dry the day we arrived!

We are even squinting in the sunlight...however, I was glad to have a coat on!

View from our campsite out to sea and the setting sun...

The view to the North from our campsite....

Peggy reading a long awaited book by the trusty Previa. We slept in the van so we would not have to set up a tent. Always nice when it is supposed to rain, rain, rain!

Next to our site was this pretty venue under the trees...

About a mile north up the beach is where the tide pools are. You don't even know they are there unless it is low tide! I love the way the rocks are smooth with pot holes out there!

Lots of eel grass on the rocks which indicates that usually this area is underwater.

The view back toward the camp ground.

And of course some sea stars hiding between the rocks. Gotta look for those!

Next morning we awoke to wet and rain, so we ate poptarts and fruit in the van then went out to explore Lake Quinalt. There was a fair amount of rough roads to traverse and this one lane temporary bridge to cross.

You could tell that the river had a mind of its own lately, completely rearranging all kinds of things...

Peggy had never been to this part of the rain forest before.

Beautiful isn't it?

Low and behold we found elk! Lots of elk...

They were pretty close to the road which was fun!

The up side of all of the rain is the beauty of the water falls we came across...

They were right next to the road, so no hiking was involved! We had a fun weekend just wandering down the road. It amazes me that we still find new things to see after 20 plus years up here in the northwest.

Hope your memorial celebrations were fun! We had the traditional red, white and blue breakfast and missed you all!


  1. Yeah, the video worked except it is sideways! I forgot to check for that! Stand on your shoulder or turn your monitor! Sorry!

  2. OK I fixed it! Enjoy a taste of home!

  3. You know, it's a good thing I'm coming home in three weeks because this made me so HOMESICK! What a pretty trip. I think I've forgotten how green it is up there. A year on the flat, yellow prairie does a serious job to your memory of just how green things CAN get, I think!

  4. love the photos..glad you had a great time..I love pop tarts.;)