Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

There is this urge that creeps into my soul every January first. It is the desire to clear the decks of the undone things of the previous year to make way for the bright and shiny hopes and dreams of the next. To that end, I am finishing up what we did at the end of 2010 on this blog. I hope you enjoy some of it's more random moments...

The new sliding glass door arrived the week before Thanksgiving. Marc and Dad worked together on what was probably the coldest day of the year, to install it.

They used the circular saw to cut away the siding from outside the house since this was a complete replacement (unlike our windows).

After completely removing the door and frame, they wrapped the weather stripping and moisture barriers around the opening.

Here's the old door in pieces. They didn't even break the glass--amazing. Tim took it to the transfer station in Hansville to get rid of it.

The new door went in easily. They had some trouble getting the sliding part of the door onto the sliders, but in the end, even Afton can open the new door! Smoooth!

Last thing to do was remove the sticker... (and add the trim moldings).

From the outside...

It started to rain, but the guys kept going until the outer trim was up. We are waiting for warm weather to caulk.

All trimmed up to match the windows that Grandpa and Dad did years ago. The boys did a really nice job.

Marc, Jes and Mom had Thanksgiving together while Tim spent Thanksgiving in Utah with his Mom and Dad. (Peter had heart by-pass surgery as you know).

Katie flew in on the 19th of December just in time for Ryan Cleaver's wedding reception. Sorry no pictures of that experience. Then Sunday, Grandma and Grandpa Gardner arrived. Here they are waiting for the train in Chico at about 1 am.

The view from their train window...I think this is in Oregon near Klammath Falls. It was a really long trip. Gma was just about ready to burst when she got off the train! She had given up hope of ever arriving!

We did something everyday; made candy, delivered candy, shopped and filled each other's stockings and did some sight seeing. They liked the light house at Point No Point.

Shot from up the trail.

Dad and Mom at the observation tower where you can see the beach without having to walk through the sand. Aren't they cute?!

Dad took this one of mom and me. It was cold that day!

Somewhere in the middle of mom and dad's visit, we had a drain decide to clog. So Tim and Gpa worked snaking the drains. We thought we had it, until the upstairs toilet water didn't shut off one day, and we had a flood down stairs. Tim worked every evening chasing down the problem and resolving it. Poor man!

In the end he had to climb under the deck, dig out the clean-out pipe and snake it the last 3 or 4 feet into the septic. We were beginning to worry that the septic itself had problems...blessings! That added some drama to the holidays. Keep your fingers crossed that we are done with water -inside- the house!

Christmas morning feasting...

Thank you for all of the wonderful gifts, the digital picture frame -- loaded!, the chainsaw! and the gift cards (you kids do too much!) Among all of our treasures, there was this one that just about everyone had a hand in producing in either patience, encouragement, suggestions or time! Grandma loved her book, and grandpa got emotional. It was a sweet moment!

On black friday, Marc was kind enough to go through the hassle to get us a new HDTV (which grandma loved...) They had to break it out of the box "to be sure it had all of the connections that Marc wanted it to have". did go back into the box, but it was out on the shelf before guests arrived!

Gpa liked that we could skype and see the grandkids, so he took a picture of them...he will be getting a TV like this probably sometime in early January. They both really liked it. On the Monday after Christmas, I took my parents to the train for their trip home. They were better prepared this time with blankets and more food food instead of just munchies! I don't know if they will travel by train again, but it was less stressful for me knowing they weren't driving in bad weather!

About an hour later, Katie's boyfriend, Levi flew into Seattle and Katie was in happy land. Dad took the day off and we drove out to the beach (surprise!) We stopped to let everyone stretch their legs (Levi is 6'3" and we were in the Corolla...)

We decided that Rialto Beach would be a good choice. The day was spectacular!

And of course I forgot to bring a bucket for my beloved rocks!

It was bright and almost warm dispite the ice and snow on the sides of the road.

Mom, Dad, Katie, Levi

The storms had stacked the logs up like a fortress wall against the standing trees. Impressive.

Since the tide was out, we hiked down to Hole in the Wall and poked around the tide pools.

Looking back through Hole in the Wall towards La Push. Katie took Levi all over at home but never did make him jump off the pier in Indianola. Marc and Jes will be returning shortly and Katie will leave us again in just a day or two. Winter Break just moves too quickly. I have a nasty habit of preparing for what comes next and miss my moments when I have the chance to enjoy them. Add that to next's year's resolutions I guess!

We hope your holidays were memorable and that everyone is now healthy and warm! We miss you all but know you are where you need to be!

Love Mom and Dad



  1. OH I so loved this post..loved the photos and Katie looks like your mom on that book that your mom is holding..that is really neat..glad you had a wonderful time..I soooo enjoyed our goodies..those caramels are the best.,;) happy new year my dear friend.;)(((((hugs))))

  2. I agree Gina, mom's caramels are the best. LOVE THEM!

    Thanks for another great post, Mom. Those shots of the beach made me homesick (as always), and I loved seeing Christmas and all that you are up to. Dad and Mooch are so handy - how awesome is that!

    Loved the shots of Grandma and Grandpa on their trip. What a fun adventure. They both look really good.

    We love you guys and miss you bunches. Seems like forever since we've seen you. Time for another trip to Seattle I think!!! Well, when it warms up and the geoducks are out, of course!