Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Quickie

We hadn't seen Katie since January and Tim wanted to visit his Mom this year for Mother's Day, so we combined the two in one very short weekend! So in true style we left after work on Thursday and drove to Coeur d' Alene and stayed in a hotel with all of the Obama construction workers...

Of course being with Katie was the best part...however visiting with Marc's twins was right up there!

This is Cadyn the younger twin...

And Connor. Love his cool shades! It was fun to visit and get to know them a bit. Their birthdays are at the end of the month. They will be the big three!

Whitney is going to cosmetology school so Katie made arrangements to be a practice head for her. Whitney added layers to KB's long hair; she was very careful and took her time. As is often the case, every couple of weeks, Whitney changes hair color. This is her brunette look. I can still see the family resemblance!

Paula, Mike, Jacob and Megan decided to take the job in Iowa. They will be on their way in July (I think). They surprised the kids by taking them to Disneyland. The kids didn't know it was happening until they got to the airport! The day before Mother's Day, Megan was in an all- day softball tournament from 10 to 10; her team took second. Yeah Megan!

On Mother's Day as many as could, came to visit at Grandma and Grandpa's for cake and ice cream. We didn't get everyone in this picture, because some had to go to the in-law side of the family too... Kelley and husband Brian looked good however!

Here's the cousins starting in the front left to right:
Ashely, Granpa, Granma, Jacob
Whitney, Jeff, Kiley, Brinley is hiding her face in front of her..., Megan, Brian, pregnant Aimee, Katelyn in Graydon's arms, Courtney, Katie and Aspyn. Everyone has changed a lot.
(Please forgive any mistakes, including spelling of names!)

This picture was taken in dappled shade so I messed with trying to even things out; I have a thing or two to learn I guess... This is a shot of the brothers and sisters and spouses. ( Shiela surprised Mom with a visit and left Kevin in Arizona with the boys.)
Steve and Carol, Tim and Peggy, Shiela, David and Robyn, Mike and Paula, Sean and Mindy
Peter and Josie. Grandma was in heaven.

Then the photo with everyone. As you can imagine the house was hopping with cousin fun and siblings catching up. No babies to play with however...:(

On the drive home we took Katie back up to Rexburg and stayed the night in a hotel. Next morning we took the back roads to Missoula. While still in Idaho this is what we met on the road! They were moving sheep to another pasture and used the road with fences on each side to keep the group together. There were two shaggy sheep dogs at the end doing their best to keep the mass moving. It felt like we were in a foreign country... here's a video of them passing the isn't very long because my batteries were about gone.

It was a great Mother's Day weekend! It wasn't fun dropping off my baby at school again, but soon it will be July. It was even less fun, going back to work on Tuesday! Phew! I need a vacation!

With love and XO

Mamala and Dad


  1. Hey Peggy, Glad you had a great time with all the your other two grandbabys..they are getting so big and are adorable..Thank you again for taking my little sisters stuff to her..she loved it all...I can't wait to get my package from her that you have..;) you do still have it right?glad you are back safe and sound..;)we are planning the 28th for our monthly luncheon.;)at 1pm..;) at mindees..;) or until she tells me differently.:)

  2. Glad you were able to spend time with Josie and Peter and the boys. Time does fly.