Sunday, May 2, 2010

FHE Thoughts

Even though you are all grown up (mostly) and moved away from home (mostly) I still think we can have FHE together once in a while... however, I think we will skip the song. (I am however, working on an updated version of the family song that will include each of you, but that can wait for now...)

For the calendar, Heather and Ethan have purchased their new home and are planning to travel in a short while back east for a wedding; Tim and Sarah are busy with school and work and some investment opportunities; Marc is in Eugene this week working on a dam (darn it) and Jes now has Fridays off; Katie, Mom and Dad will be traveling to Grandma and Grandpa Bullock's in SLC for Mother's Day. We are excited about that!

Feel free to correct any mistakes that I have made!

Below you will find pictures representing things that can be important in our lives. I copied most of them from Heather's blog. I couldn't find everything I wanted, so I just added a list below the pictures. Look them over and place them in order of importance in your life. Most important first. Share your list with your spouse, roommates, friends. Should there be other things added to the list that I have forgotten? What are they?

1. Reading and studying the scriptures and words of the prophet.

2. Attending church meetings

3. Family

4. Temple work, being worthy to attend the temple

5. Communing with Heavenly Father

6. Looking Good

7. Work
8. School
9. Fun/Recreation
10. Service
11. Good Health

Now that you have compiled your list. Help me with this question: What does it mean to put the Lord first and to have no other gods before him?

Have a great evening. I hope you will take time to share your thoughts with everyone!

XOXOX Mamala


  1. Heather I am having trouble with the formating on my blog. What am I doing wrong? I cannot write below the pix and the preview looks different than what is posted...:( Any ideas?


  2. Formatting is tricky in that what you see on the preview is not always what shows on the blog. This is because of the "template" you picked. It may be different from the preview formatting. The only thing I can suggest is to keep formatting simple. For instance, I always just describe what is in a picture below or above it. If you try to go side-by-side, chances are your formatting will get thrown off.

    Thanks for the fun FHE idea. I plan to use it this coming Monday!