Saturday, August 3, 2013

Three Men and a Beach

We were so lucky this year!  Tim, Sarah and Lucy (I finally found the picture that I took!) came to spend Thanksgiving week with us!  We don't get to see them often, so we were really excited to have their company and to meet their Lucy!

We enjoyed having Marc, Jes, Kyron, Tim Jr., Sarah and Lucy at our house for the Turkey Day festivities.  It is such a pleasure to have your adult children enjoy each other's company!  
On  black Friday, Sarah and I went shopping over in Edmonds at Hobby Lobby (yeah!) and the big Mall there.  We spent some money on some fun deals!  Jes wasn't up for shopping, but she did come over on Saturday and we crafted up some wreathes and watched a movie or too before it was time for Kyron to go home to bed.  

There are some really good reasons we chose to live in the Pacific Northwest.   Two of top reasons are the Olympic Mountains and the wild ocean with its spectacular beaches!  Our beaches are not the warm, wear-your-bikini-and-get-a-tan kind of places to visit.  They are wild, often windy and memorable.  Any time you visit some of the remote spaces on the coast you may find shells, drift wood, glass floats, deer, otters, tidepools and always your bliss!  Personally it is my happiest of happy places.  When we are lucky, we get to experience it all with family!  We are even luckier that our kids like (and perhaps need?) an infusion of salt air and sand once in a while.  On the Saturday after Turkey Day, Tim, Tim Jr. and Marc made the trek north to one of the best (and more remote-- without hiking in 50 miles) beaches in the PNW:  Shi Shi Beach and Graveyard of the Giants.   To access this beach you have to hike along a muddy trail on tribal land for about three miles, then scramble down the cliff face to the beach.  Marc took these photos with his iphone.

And I think Tim Jr. shared these photos from his phone!

Tim Jr. being crazy in the water!

That was our visit together for turkey day.  Here's a final shot of my three guys and their beach!

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