Thursday, September 27, 2012

Have Canoe, Will Travel

Another beautiful weekend was threatening and we wanted to take the canoe out for a spin. 
Saturday, August 18, we awoke to some changing skies, but the weather was warm and we hoped for the best. I am not quite sure why we drove so far, but we ended up at Lake Cushman!

 Here's my handsome man ready to go on the river side of the levy.

The view looking back up towards where the river emptied into the lake.

As we passed under the levy bridge, we became aware of just how hard the wind was blowing.  Our canoe is very stable when loaded down,  however on this particular day, it wasn't loaded and those ripples quickly became waves and were coming in side ways!  No mi gusta!

Originally it was planned to paddle down the side of the lake and look at all of the cabins 
and dwellings along the edges.  We ended up ducking into the shallows to get out of the waves.

Eventually we decided that we really didn't want to get that wet and headed back to the more wind protected side of the levy and explored around the snags up into the mouth of the river.

 At one point we stopped and emptied the water out of the canoe.

The river was really clear and we watched the fish (probably rainbow trout) swimming around in the deep spots.  There were some fishermen trying to fish, but they were having no luck.  
Too bad we didn't bring a pole!

  We like to canoe, but the wind sucked the fun out of it.  Eventually, 
we decided to call it a day, we hefted the canoe back up onto the Previa and headed for home.

It was a beautiful day and the views, as always, were worth the drive.  
This is just along the side of the road out by Hoodsport.
We really do live in an amazing part of the world.  
I am so glad that we take time to enjoy as often as we can get away!

The next weekend, my nephew that lives in Virginia,  was in town for a work conference.  He and his friend came across on the ferry from Seattle and we had dinner at JJ's Fish House in Poulsbo.  Afterwards, some yummy ice cream at Mora's and then we drove around and saw the sites from Kingston to Suquamish and in-between.  As you know, the sidewalks roll up early so when the sun went down, we headed back to the ferry--Jon had to be up early for the conference the next day!  

  My nephew Jon is on the right, his friend John on the left.  
The sunset was gorgeous from the Kingston park - n- ride!  

Another great week-end in the Pacific Northwest.  Wish you were all here!

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  1. First off... I tell everyone that the Northwest is the "Holy Land" - and your pictures always always always prove my point. SO BEAUTIFUL. I'm glad you guys have been going on so many cool adventures. What are you going to do during the winter??

    Second off... you saw JON?! As in, Jon-Jon? As in, my all time favorite cousin, Jon?!! Jealous. Crazy Jealous.