Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rocky Mountain High aka Eliza's Baptism

Milestones are a mixed blessing to my way of thinking; good in that they show progress towards a goal; not so good, because they often mark the passage of significant time.  When milestones in family life are reached, it tends to bring families together and is grounds for celebrating!

Just such a milestone was reached this year for Eliza Grace.  Eight is great when you are born into an LDS family because it means that you can choose to be baptized--and Miss Eliza chose the first weekend in June for her to make her first covenant with her Father in Heaven.  

Tim and I flew to Denver, Katie and Zac and Granma and Granpa Bullock drove over the mountain from Salt Lake and Nana and Papa Bratt flew from New Hampshire all to be there for Eliza's special day.  Tim and Sarah got up really early to get a stand-by seat on a flight to be there for the big event, but learned after a long wait that flights had been cancelled and they would not be able to make it.

Most of us arrived on Friday at various times of the day ( Gma and Gpa made it on Saturday) and we talked and enjoyed each other's company until bedtime.  The baptism wasn't until the afternoon on Saturday, so we had some morning time to burn.  We all took a walk along the Purder River Trail, slow and easy because it was hot!

Zac and Katie came from their hotel all dressed and ready for the baptism so they were in their good clothes while we walked, just a little along the river.  Then it was time to go back to the house and eat some lunch and get ready to go!

Eliza had a pretty white dress and insisted on having her hair in ringlets, so Heather obliged!  Doesn't she look nice with her great grandparents?

Eliza's stake does all of the child baptism's at once by the month, so the chapel was full by the time everyone that was to be baptized had gathered.  Eliza had a really nice baptismal jumpsuit that looked like a dress, but was really coulots--a pattern that I would like to get my hands on!  Eliza was the only one to be baptized from her ward, and we were last.  It was getting close to the time to take our turn, when Eliza looked for Uncle Tim and Aunt Sarah....we had forgotten to inform her that they couldn't make it after all!  Poor dear!  But she recovered and was able to concentrate on what was going on.

Here she is with everyone after the big event.  Uncle Zac and Aunt Katie...

The grandparent contingent...I didn't get a picture with ggparents or the whole group, but you get the idea!

The next day was Sunday.  Now you may be wondering-- when did Eliza receive the Holy Ghost?  Well she was able to choose if she wanted to do it right after the baptism on Saturday or do it in Sacrament Meeting the next day.  Eliza, pausing, inquired at which time the most people would see her, then decided that Sunday was when she wanted this to happen. :)  Eliza seemed to be very aware of her choice to be baptized and confirmed.  It was all very sweet and it was a joy to have a few moments to ponder having four Bullock generations present.

We enjoyed a lovely meeting with Eliza's ward then we went home for lunch.   On the way back to the house, we stopped to take a few minutes to view a prisoner of war camp near the Bratt home.  Off in the distance there was also a decommissioned missile silo.  Colorado is full of interesting stuff!

Plaque on the original gate post; the camp is now a corn field.

 Zac and Katie and Great Granma and Granpa left after a yummy lunch and started back to SLC.  It was fun to see them and we miss them all.  Large family gatherings are such a trick for feeling like you got to visit with people!  There are so many people and the words get spread thin!

Next day, we were up early and we piled as many as could fit into the rental van and we headed for Rocky Mountain National Park!  (Ethan had clients to see and Ken and Beth rode their motorcycle up the mountain...)

View about half-way up to the top of the road.

Liam and Grandpa--hiking buddies!

Eliza looking through the binoculars, Beth holding Afton, Heather-- all enjoying the view

It was a beautiful day and the temperature was just about perfect for us NW heat whimps!  We drove up until we got to the top to the lodge, about 12,000 feet!  It was nothing but tundra up there!  We took some time to view the elk that were coming down to visit.

Eliza and Afton waiting to see if the elk were hungry? 

The antlers were really big!

view from the parking lot looking back across the mountain range

Here's the lodge.  It is buried in the winter so the rough is reinforced.  
There were still snow drifts about the place so the kids thought it was a great novelty to make and throw snow (ice) balls at us.

It was a quick trip to Rocky Mountain National Park because we had to be on our way to the airport by 2pm!

Thank you Liam for sharing your bedroom and letting Grammy and Grandpa sleep on your floor!  It will be just two short years and it will be your turn to be baptized!  Can we come?

Much love for everyone!

Mamala and Grandpa


  1. that picture of Afton with the snow in her hands reminds me of the picture of me with on the beach with a huge piece of ice. SHE IS ME!

  2. Thank you guys again for coming all the way to COlorado for Eliza's big day. She was so happy everyone came to share in her baptism. And, thank you also for the pass to the Rocky Mountain Natnl Park. We've been up again since to show Ethan around (and saw a bear!), but I"m craving a third trip. I told Ethan that last night, and he said "let's go then." But we woke up this morning, and the Rocky's had been dusted with their first snow of the season. I think we may have to wait until next spring already!!