Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kyron Parker Bullock is here: 11 January 2012

While Heather and her crew were here for Christmas, she took Marc and Jesica out for a photo shoot in Indianola. This one is one of my favorites! They look so happy waiting for the baby to arrive!

Which he did finally do on 11 January 2012!

Kyron Parker was a whopping 6 lbs 12 oz and 21 inches tall!

Jes was in labor about 36 hours and was so glad to have this cutie outside in her arms!

Here is Ky meeting his grandpa Bullock at the hospital in Silverdale. We think it was the same room that Afton was born in! Great reservation system they have there...

3 days old and so cute! Notice those great dimples!

He is very alert for a new born!

At home hanging out!

Ta da! Kyron has arrived! He has really long arms, legs, fingers and feet! I think he may be tall!

Proud Papa Marc.

So I think we need premie diapers--that boy sure can wet through a diaper. Jes says this picture doesn't do the wet justice!

We are so pleased to add Kyron to the family! Good job Marc and Jesica!

Love Mamala and PA

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  1. We were DRIPPING wet! We did switch to preemies but have since graduated back into newborn :)