Thursday, September 15, 2011

Paddle Poopers Sept 10-11

A bright and sunny weekend promised...(and it WAS stake conference) we packed up the canoe and the camping gear and headed for Lake Ozette!

We put all of our gear in waterproof bags and started our trek. It was warm and sunny and the wind was light.

We made a special trip to purchase two of those really attractive orange life know just in case....Tim didn't want to be a head line: "boaters drown, no life preservers found"...won't the things be soooo helpful if the boat sinks, or if one of us falls unconscious into the water---don't you agree? Yeah, I didn't wear mine either...

We were pretty much the only people on the lake. It was peaceful and beautiful. After about an hour and a half of paddling (at my pace), we arrived at our destination for the evening.

Here I am sitting in the shade (in Washington!) enjoying the view of Erickson's Bay.

When we arrived, there was a family on one end of the beach in a power boat, out for the day, and another family in canoes on the other end of the beach we pulled into the middle.

Tim took a dip in the water, it was really nice...

I watched and hung out on the beach that first afternoon.

We--excuse me--Tim pitched the tent just in off of the beach without the rain fly. It was a full moon and the evening was mild and very beautiful.

Family tradition is that Tim does the cooking when we camp. He fixed really yummy Zataran's burritos. It was so much food for two people! and yummy!

I am not certain Tim enjoys doing all of the cooking, but he is really good at it!

Of course, we rarely go camping without my favorite smile oreos--they taste extra good after paddling a boat!

After dinner, we sat and watched the lake change color for a while.

Tim doing the dishes....are we seeing a theme here yet?

I loved watching this end of the lake turn golden...

We decided to paddle around the bay and explore a bit before the sun was down all of the way.

Tim dropped me off so I could go see this pond on the point at the end of the bay, which was right next to the lake but at a higher elevation.

Once back at camp we watched the lake put on its evening colors and waited for the bats to come out.

This one is for Katie! Classic foot shot.

The moon was full and very mesmerizing as it rose in the east.

Goodnight bats, goodnight mosquitos that didn't bite, goodnight frogs, goodnight moon.

Next morning after scrambled eggs and sausage breakfast burritos, we paddled 30 minutes over to the trailhead for south Sand Point on the beach -- about a 2 mile hike in. We pulled the canoe up on shore and flipped it over so our shoes and paddles and stuff would be underneath and out of sight, in case we had a visitor or two pass by.

Tim at the trail head.

This section through the typically muddy parts was a single wide board walk. The trail was mostly dry this weekend however!

My cute man deep in the forest, his happy place...actually he loves the high country more--the view is better.

Just before the end of the trail you could hear the waves crashing. The trees thinned out and the light came pouring in.

With a dancing heart and a big toothy grin we emerged onto the beach...(beaches are my happy place)

NW beaches don't get better than this in my book. It was warm, no jacket required! The view north...

The view south...

The view around the point...we didn't linger long here, just for a quick snack...the tide was on the way in!

All too soon, it was time to head back and pack up camp and paddle out to get the car for home. We stopped at Lake Crescent Lodge on the way home and it was thick with sun worshipping water babies; it felt like a resort that day!

We finally arrived at home at about 9pm, took a shower and climbed into bed. The canoe is still in the garage...and for those that know my husband, this is unusual. I guess if we put the canoe back in its place, it means that summer is over?

But then again, there IS General Conference weekend coming up ...maybe... :)

Love you all


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