Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Coulda, Woulda, Shouldas

August 12th came so was time for Katie to go to Utah to complete the final stage of her formal education--StUdenT teAchIng! Katie filled the Corolla with her necessary stuff (and I do mean FILLED) and we were off on what probably was our final road trip together.

If I had thought about it that way, I woulda, coulda, probably shoulda made it a bit more interesting...somehow! But we got up early and caught the 4:30 (I am talking am here people) boat and we arrived at the Bullock Bed in Breakfast in Utah by dinner time!

Saturday we got KB all settled into her new temporary home at Uncle David and Aunt Robyn's in South Jordan and ate dinner with Mom and Dad Bullock.

We spent Saturday night at the Bullock's, Sunday was cousin Darrell's mission homecoming talk. He did a terrifficcc job and I really enjoyed seeing how his testimony and love for the gospel grew while he served. I coulda, shoulda, woulda taken a picture of him....but I didn't get my camera out while we took pictures. I will have to steel those from somebody if I can figure out how to CCP from facebook...Anyway he looked great!

Jean had us all over after Sacrament Meeting for some food, so we had a chance to visit with the family, talk over things, and catch up on Sharon's genealogy adventures! Wow that girl rocks! The weekend prior to our visit to Utah, Jeanne's oldest daughter, Laurel was sealed so we got to see the happy couple too. This is my girl shot: Katie, my sister Sharon, my sister Jeanne, me, my niece Laurel.

Then, just for fun, one of just the sisters: Sharon, Jeanne, Peggy.

I am now feeling nostalgic for my many road trips with Katie. Life gets so busy and filled and fast that I don't take advantage to mark the special moments like I shoulda, coulda, woulda if my brain functioned better or I paid more attention! Focus, focus, focus!

KB started her stint student teaching at Kearn's Elementary School on Monday. I got to enjoy a lovely morning with my second parents and got them excited to work on their life histories. They shared two pictures of my father-in-law when he was in the Sudan that I had never seen before! After a yummy lunch, Peter and Josie drove me to the airport at 1:30 and I was on my way to Colorado to play with Heather and family! That will be my next entry!

I love each and every one of our kids! Each of your lives are so different, yet you all have somuch in common! Dad and I are so pleased to have been the ones chosen to raise you up. We miss you tons ! XOXOX


  1. what a truly wonderful post..loved it..and I can certainly tell you are all look so much like your mommy..can't wait to read the next entry.;)missed you last the was soooo good..)

  2. thanks mom! WE have had some great memories road trippin it up! Love you