Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Husband, My Hero

After several weeks of gray and wet, last weekend the sun came out for a short visit. With time spent working during the morning on our new bathroom project, my loving, kind and vitamin D deprived husband took me to commune with the sun on the beach. Is there anything better than basking in the bright light and listening to the waves crash? Can you guess where we went?

We didn't go far, because we were in the big blue hole of...

Dungeness Spit! We could have stayed at home and enjoyed the sun, but we would have felt guilty with all of the yard work that needed to be done. We needed peace and relaxation!

I took this shot of a big fluffly cum cloud out over Vancouver Island, Canada. Ohh ahh pretty...

When we got to the park, we stopped to watch the beginning of a 50 mile race. It was cool to listen to everyone's cleats clicking into their pedals as they moved in behind the lead sag car. It made Dad nostalgic for his cycling days. I made a video of it, but alas, it will not load! It was a great day. I had a gatorade and slim jim for lunch. Sweet...

Now for the great promised unveiling of my birthday present from my sweet man...
Here is the old bathroom just to give you and remembrance of how awful it really was:

Functional and full of slip sliding, water swishing memories...:)

First step: take out all of the old stuff. I think Tim kind of liked this part.

Pull up the original flooring and the underlayment. It was literally saw dust around the toilet. Yuk. At least there was no mold! Pshew!

Next Tim put up the wainscoating on all of the walls to the height of the shower. Then paint on the wall above, a nice sea blue. He is being a good sport letting me take his picture. Next he laid the backer (cement) board on the floor. It is impervious to mold and holds the floor ridgid for the tile so it won't break up as you walk on it.

I forgot to take a picture of Tim putting in the pebble flooring. He said it was great to work with; just a pair of scissors needed to cut away the pieces that didn't fit. It was kind of a pain to fill in the spots with extra rocks to fill the odd "hole". He did a fabulous job! Then it was time for grout. It was way easier than anticipated. Tim took a tile class at Home Depot so he knew just how to do it all. I got to do the sponging to remove the excess grout. I enjoyed being included.

Once it was all dry, about 48 hours, it was time to seal the grout. It took a couple of coats with 2-3 hours drying time between it all.

Then comes the pretties...up went the new light fixture...

Tim took off the old water lines and put on new compression fittings so it would look nice with the new sink...

The new toilet came next! Marc is soooo pleased (just ask him, he will tell you all about it) to have the old toilet downstairs. We replaced the old low-flow-don't-use-too-much-TP-or-it-will-plug -up toilet with the old flush-just-about-anything-down-it-and-it-still-won't-plug wonder from up stairs. Like I said, Marc likes it A LOT! is has a taller profile for us old people.

We chose a glass shelf for over the toilet and I found some pretties at TJ Max and I use some of the items that Sarah gave me from World Market way back when they still lived here.

Towel ring next to sink and oval mirror with new white switches and plugs...

Instead of a towel rack we decided to use an extra long grab bar for a towel rack. With us getting older and having older guests, we decided it was time to put one in. It can hold two towels...holla!

The old doors are coming out and here you can see the new door from the inside and a little of the detail on top of the wainscoting. Tim did a really nice job on the trim work.

Finally the elbow busting cabinet is gone, replaced by a nice sleek pedestal sink and new brushed nickel finish on the spigot. And now the final reveal...

Ta da! It was hard to get a picture of it all, so you will have to come and visit to get the full effect (the floor it great)! I LOVE it! Yeah!

Thank you Tim for sacrificing your weekends and evenings to give me this beautiful bathroom that any gal would be proud to have in her home! It makes me smile every time I walk by...You are my hero...

Peggy and the amazing Tim


  1. I love your new bathroom Peg..and I love that flooring the wainscoting and love the mirror and light.;) Give Tim a great big pat on the back..oh I love the color too..can't wait to come and see it.;)

  2. WOW! I am impressed. I had a completely different vision in my head. Props to you Dad. it is as my friend Ally would say. I love it. I am glad that it will be all mine when I arrive home in 2 weeks!!!