Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Walkabout

This weekend was Stake Conference and we were than willing to attend. So we decided to go on a walkabout near home out on the peninsula. Believe it or not we found some places (OK roads), that we hadn't been down yet! Amazing...!

To start off we checked the weather forecast -- 80 percent chance of rain...hmmm what to do? Mom was not up for going to bed at 5 in a wet tent so we decided that we would come home and sleep in our own bed! Here is what the backyard looked like at 10 am before we left. Can you tell that it poured the night before? The sun was out now however! Live for the moment!

First stop: the top of Mt. Walker with all of its views of Mt Constance.

Mom looking toward the north...

Dad bemoaning the fact that we aren't up hiking. Notice that the 80 percent hasn't amounted to anything yet...the weatherman's dart board must have moved...

We are looking east at Kitsap County and Seattle.

There's Seattle. It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz, but instead of a field of poppies, there's a bit of a swim involved...

Look for Mount Rainier in the clouds... nice huh? Then we were off past the Dosewallips to visit the Duckabush. The fall colors are starting to show.

Up stream

Down stream...No rain yet and we were hungry so we drove on down to...

Shelton! This train is parked outside of the Post Office. I had no idea that the town was so big! I have always just gone through the corner of it on my way to some place else. We had a nice late lunch/early dinner at 4pm and the rain finally caught up to us! Time to go home for a movie and a warm bed.

Next day was Teal Lake (Port Ludlow area) One fish limit and fly fishing only. For some reason the trout don't reproduce here, so they have to be restocked each year..

Another angle of the lake. Colors are beginning here, even if it is on the cedar tree! Then we went into Port Townsend. I guess because the place is so familiar I didn't think to take pictures. Sorry. We got lunch at the Safeway and parked down at the harbor and watched the boats come and go. Eventually we hiked down the beach to Chief Chezemoka Park.

As we walked back to the car through the back streets we noticed that the deer were very comfortable in town. They just hang out in people's yards munching away. The dogs could have cared less. I guess you don't need a gun to hunt in PT...

That was our weekend! It was very quiet and had a nice slow pace to it. Hope your weekend was restful too!

Love Mamala and Pa


  1. oh I loved all the photos they were great especially oz that was my fav!!! you need to frame that one.;) have a wonderful week ahead.:)

  2. Wow... I like the pictures you are capturing (That backyard shot with the sun coming through the trees - DANG!). The new camera and you a very nice job!!

    First off - JEALOUS! What a pretty day to be out walking around. I had to laugh at the weather forecast and then the pictures. I swear, a monkey and a box of magic beans could do better weather forecasting out there. He he he...

    I love that you blog now. Yeah!!

    Love you guys!

  3. The picture of the backyard made me homesick just a tinsy bit. Love the shots with the camera mom. I think you technology skills are getting better by the day (or are you just getting luck?)

    Love you! Have fun with the bathroom.

    Love Katie