Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Come d'Artagnan We're Saving the King!

A.K.A. Putting a New Roof On the House!

We were 26 years into a 20 year roof. Although it wasn't leaking (yet) we knew we were close. Tim got himself educated on how to do it and set the date--Memorial weekend. Marc and Jes sacrificed their holiday weekend to help. Tim Jr also tried to help, but couldn't get a flight!

Here's Dad early Saturday morning getting his pep talk from Mike Holmes via satelite :) He was patiently waiting for Marc to get up. Fortunately, Marc didn't get up at 4 am like Dad did!

A family friend loaned us his trailer to put the striped off roof shingles and debris in so we wouldn't have to rent a dumpster...those babies are expensive!

Another friend worked for a roofing company and arranged to put the shingles right onto the roof! Each bale of shingles weighs about 75 pounds. We had 45 bales. Having it put directly on the roof...priceless!

Fortunately Marc's work loaned us a T-A-L-L ladder and fall protection too!

Marc and Dad begin the stripping off the old roof. It was a little scary because it was drizzly, but we did it with a prayer in our hearts anyway!

Marc put in fall protection so Mom and Jes wouldn't worry about broken bodies and calling 911! Fall protection....priceless!

Although the fall protection was a nice piece of mind, especially when working around the edges, the guys complained about it constantly. Every time you moved your position you have to adjust the tension on it.

End of day one. It took the guys about 4 hours to strip the "back" roof. The rest of the day was spent replacing plywood sheathing and cutting holes for the vents. We didn't have to replace much, about two sheets total, but it took time.

Old building code said that the plywood had to be close (watertight), but new code is to have an eighth inch gap for expansion. Marc is running the saw along the seams to open things up. We discovered that the roof needed more air vents. There are now eight vents instead of four.

Once stripped, the guys rolled on the felt paper and stapled it in place.

Marc did most of the runs, while Dad did most of the booking and triming around vents and such. Mom would shag shingles for Marc so he wouldn't have to get up and down. It went pretty fast. Marc also enjoyed shooting the nail gun into the forest, just for fun.

In this picture you can see half of the new roof and half of the old roof. Day two the guys shingled all of the back and half of the front. Day three was the last of the roof and the NEW SKYLIGHT! yeah! It is in the bathroom!

Proud roofers. It was a lot of work in a lot of rain (drizzle and Oregon mist). We got some nice sunshine on Monday that heated up the tar on the shingles for a nice seal. Dad is holding an air nozzle cleaning up the roof messes and he cleaned the gutters.

Here it is all done! The guys were, and Dad still is, very stiff from being bent over for three days. Dad is going to lose a toenail but the roof is all done! Isn't it pretty....notice the ridgeline...fancy huh?!

I have decided on a blue door. That is MY next project!

Love Mamala and Dad


  1. oh your roof looks wonderful..:) great job guys..remember we have a looooonnnng ladder if you ever need it..we also have a painter when you decide to paint your house.:) when you are all done being stiff we have a roof here that needs to be done.:)

  2. I love it! And when did you get the new tv stand? So many new things you two! I am going to come home to a whole new house.

    Blue huh? I was counting on red mother...

    Love you

  3. Several comments:

    First: LOVE THE NEW ROOF! It looks super nice. Dad and Mooch, you did a great job!
    Second: Hooray for the fall support. I know it drove you nuts, but the peace of mind is pretty priceless!
    Third: The skylight is a great idea in the bathroom! I love skylights in bathrooms!!
    Fifth: Mom... I really love the picture of Dad and Marc on the roof together. Boy do they look like father and son, or what? I'm making it my wallpaper on the computer.

    You are doing a killer job of blogging life up there. Thank you for doing it. I live for your entries!!

    Love, Heather