Sunday, April 25, 2010

Could April Have Gone Any Quicker?

One of the hard parts of having a blog is thinking up what you want to share with people. Sometimes life is so ordinary that it doesn't feel "blog worthy". April is just about over and it seems to have flown by. Tim and I have asked ourselves what did we do with our mostly wet drizzly days? Some small but important things...

Although it took him several evenings to accomplish, Tim worked diligently to complete the chalking on the windows. Then he hung all of the shutters. I was so proud that he just kept after it until it was done. Here is the front of the house now. We are thinking of painting the front door. Want to vote on a color?

Since the sun came out for a short visit I cleaned up last year's dead plants in Grammy's Vege Bar hanging on the back of the house. I went shopping and purchased strawberry plants, some petunias and nasturums. They don't look like much yet, but by June it will be beautiful. The large containers on the deck have blue berries in them... and they have bloomed this year!

An earlier purchase included more striped sedges (they are the things that look like clumps of grass) for the side of the house path. I want it to feel a bit like the hike out to Cape Alava on the coast. The hostas are just beginning to peek out on this shady side of the house. When it all fills out it will look fabulous.

You know it is spring in the northwest when the dicentra are in bloom. We got a nice crop this year mostly thanks to Tim putting up plant supports for them!

A couple of year's ago my friend gave me a couple of poppy seed heads to spread into my yard, they are coming up too and I really have to work hard to keep them all together; they like to spread! The ajuga is looking good too. It is right next to the yellow poppies so it looks fun.

And of course the azaelas are in bloom. I missed the first Rhodie, but there will be more.

I have also redone the tile under the kitchen sink and I am thinking about painting the inside of the kitchen cupboards, but I haven't decided on that! I have to think about it some more! Pretty much we have been bums in April. While most of the extended family is in Utah celebrating with Grandma and Grandpa Gardner, I think we will be here putting on the new roof. Think a kind thought for us!

Hope you enjoyed the tour of the home grounds. Drop us a note to say you stopped in... it is so fulfilling for me to know you have visited.

Love, Mamala


  1. Oh Peggy I love your home and your yard/gardens..I am stealing the chair/planters to put on my blog to give my peeps a look and give them some great ideas...I love it..and I think you should paint your door Red..:) you know I hate red..NOT...:) have a great week ahead..I missed seeing you at church today and getting my squeeze..:)

  2. You have a funny definition of "not doing anything." I'd say you did a lot!! The garden looks so pretty already. I miss spring in Poulsbo. Oh... the rhodies... how I miss home!! I wish I'd pained the sign for your veggie bar a more robust shade of red. I may have to redo that one when I come out in June.

    The windows look amazing, Dad. I'm excited to hear about what a big different they are going to make to your comfort (and utility bill)!

    Now that we have our plane tickets I'm SUPER anxious to get out there. Let the count down begin!!

    Love yous!

  3. Wow, flowers really are coming out and the new windows on the house look great! It's nice to see all the green as it is just becoming green here!