Sunday, March 14, 2010

Be Proud. Be Very Proud.

So I have finally worked out all of my technology bugs and I am posting my first blog! (And the crowd goes wild...) It has been a long road and I am proud, very proud of my first attempt. It has not been without its tears...but like a certain statistics class that I took, I have kept at it! And for today, I have won!

January 2 at the bum crack of dawn...

The proud parents of Katie Anne drove their youngest daughter to the airport to fly back for her final year of school. It was stressful for her to arrange the many favors necessary to transport her stuff in cars with friends that drove, but it was nice to not have to worry about driving out on the icy roads in our little car! It was less expensive for us to send her in a posh plane than it was for us to take her ourselves. Mom, at least, missed the ritual drive and trip to WalMart!

Here's Katie ready to say good-bye. It was about 6 am and we had to leave at about 4:30 am to drive around; no ferry that early! It was a struggle to decide if we were going to be teary or goofy.

Katie and her proud and loving "Papa" just before getting into the security line.

Our children have all turned out to be expert flyers in spite of not flying ever until the mid 90's when we took them to Disneyland! It is a strange mixture of pride, worry and great expectations that we sent Katie off for another adventure at BYUI. We miss you already!

XOXO Mamala


  1. She's such a fox. Again, why did the youngest get all the sexy female genes????!!!

  2. Welcome to blogging! Loved your pictures etc. Info coming about Gardner Reunion in Utah May 29 at the lake with option to stay in Condo Friday night....a lake, a boat, 4 jet ski's, horseback air balloon riding....nice beach Come celebrate Gma G's 85 birthday and their 65th wedding anniversary. Details on costs and directions to Pineview up Ogden Canyon coming....xoxoxo